Growth Fueling Saas Website Structure Best Practices

You should also consider using a search bar to make on-site search easier. As part of your link building campaign, point some of the external links to inner content-rich pages, rather than having all links go back to the home page. Not only is linking to many different pages a signal of website quality, it also helps search engine spiders with crawling. You can use optimized anchor text for your internal links. For example, if you want to link to a category on your website that displays athletic shoes, you can safely use the following anchor text “Athletic shoes” when linking to that category.

For example, blog posts should be grouped into blog categories and placed under the ‘Blog’. If you are offering services, these can be grouped under services. Used strategically, your website’s footer can be an excellent tool to help visitors have a better experience on your website. Creating a positive UX on your website requires a lot of research and strategic planning. It also requires you to hire a professional website designer who understands SaaS buyers.

website structure

Web analytics are easier to monitor with a clean URL structure and a site structure that is segmented into topics and sub-topics. With a good information architecture and URL structure in place, your website will be every user’s dream. It will need less tinkering and manual configuration as it grows and scales. As a business owner, this is what you must focus on, too. High rankings for the most valuable keywords is achieved through SEO. Look, at this point, you are dealing with an unknown entity.

Ideal Url Structure

You must first understand their typical needs and problems, and then have options available that solve them. All of this data plays a role when it comes to converting a casual browser into a paying customer. When it comes to effective SEO, keywords take center stage – but other aspects about them also matter.

But also in later stages when you are actually outlining the layout of all the pages. lets you use simple color coding, but won’t let you be too creative – resulting in a nice-looking diagram every time. Sample website strcuture diagram in OctopusYou can import an existing Sitemap.xml file to speed things up. You can comment on pages and even assign page parameters to each page – such as the title, meta description, and URL slung. Clients should be able to make edits without installing any software, have licenses, or even creating a new account. Thanks for a good post which I am finding to restructure my site.

Sure, you can always rearrange and reorganize your website, but too much change will impact your SEO efforts and confuse your audience. Thus, try to plan at least base blog categories and pages that can be split into additional sections as your website grows. A good site structure will allow visitors to easily navigate your website and quickly find the information they need. It will also give you a strong base to build off of — creating a sturdy foundation for your website to grow.

Blog Categories

I want to share more details about the tools that I use in my day-to-day work. Today, I’d like to show you which app I use for website structures and why. A website site structure should be hierarchical and easy to use.

  • Your market research, keyword analysis and domain strategy will direct you to the right niche.
  • It also allows your audience to more easily navigate your site and gives you more flexibility when expanding your website.
  • The brand has a sleek looking website that’s easy to navigate.
  • The best approach to make the life of search crawlers easier to use plain HTML tags combined with CSS for formatting.
  • What is the purpose towards which your business is moving?
  • Notice that the category name is not included in the URL because It doesn’t have to be included.

It’s friendlier to users and search engines to keep your urls short and precise. Google can understand the category of the article from your sitemap and breadcrumb menu and. When creating your URLs, it’s best to include your focus keyword. One reason for this is that website structure it helps users and search bots tell that your content will meet their search intent. From an SEO point of view, search intent is also a factor that search engines use to rank content. One noticeable element of Dropbox’s primary navigation is the “Why Dropbox?

Use our tried and true SEO focused SaaS website structure best practices to fuel your growth in 2022 and beyond. Trying to fix it later will restrict your outcome and be much more expensive, especially if you are forced to rein in your plans for expansion. You may have saved some money upfront on consulting fees, but in reality you’ll probably lose a whole lot more from missed opportunities.

Planning your URL structure to be keyword rich can help with ranking individual pages higher, and also aids users with orientation and navigation around the site. The reality is optimizing a single page for several keywords creates confusion. Visitors who land on it from different search terms get distracted.

They create different categories that address each target persona’s main concerns. By doing it this way, Dropbox manages to speak to each prospect on a personal level, thereby increasing their conversions. The header navigation menu, or main navigation menu, is the familiar navigation tool most users expect to see once they land on your website. It usually grants access to the most popular content on your website, if not all of your content, and gives visitors a snapshot of what they can find on your website.

WordPress Edu

You’ll find the “niche within the niche”, on a keyword level. If your initial analysis correctly identifies mission critical keywords for your business, then the sum of generic and long tail keywords related to them can be a real goldmine. Depending upon the answer, each page should have strong call to action.

Don’t just go and create a new category because you realized it’s a good idea but first think how your overall structure should look like and then start making changes. While there are a number of actions to follow to protect your rankings, there is always a risk involved when changing either the content or structure of an existing website. So, you need to have a good plan to follow to minimize the risk. From your category pages make sure that you link to the most valuable pages of that category.

In the past we used to create flat websites with lots of pages targeting specific keywords but that’s no longer the case today. Google has many times mentioned the need to have a breadcrumb menu on all your pages so that users can navigate the site easily. One of the reasons for creating categories is to build topic relevancy and help Google understand for which topics you want to build authority. Try to think what the best grouping from a user’s perspective is. Run some scenarios and try to replicate the steps taken by users to find a product or article on your website. If you can make this process easy enough for them, then it will be for search engines too.

Another reason to be mindful of your website structure is that it impacts your overall SEO strategy. One of the most significant ways poor site structure can affect your SEO is that it makes it difficult for search engines to crawl your website. This leads to some of your content not being indexed, resulting in it not ranking. Instead, focus on building a solid structure for your website which is scalable and ultimately, structure your site for users. Conversion rates drop when you cannot develop trust with visitors. Planning user experience goes hand in hand with your content hierarchy.

website structure

When you have an optimized structure, you make this job very easy for them and this means better exposure. They try to figure out the structure of the site so as to get a better understanding on how your pages/posts are related and which pages of your site are more valuable than others. But more importantly, design it in a way that makes shopping a pleasant experience. You can do this by following SaaS website best practices to optimize your site. That’s why you must do everything to optimize all your customer acquisition channels and systems, with one of the most important being your website.

Make Use Of Breadcrumb Menus

This makes indexing faster and easier to understand by crawlers and it’s also friendlier for users. A well-defined site structure makes the job of search engine crawlers easier and this means better indexing and more chances in achieving higher rankings. DivvyHQ is a SaaS solution that streamlines the content creation workflow for busy teams.

Saas Website Best Practices To Impress Google And Delight Your Users

If there is no specific goal for this content, does it even belong on your site? Only after this is clearly defined should you roll out a silo-structured website that incorporates targeted calls to action. Use sectioning elements to create a broad outline of your page content; examples of these elements include header, nav, main, and footer. Use content sectioning elements like section, article, and aside to organize the document content into logical pieces. In addition, you want to give yourself a good base to work from as your website grows.


The starting point is the homepage and all other pages should be grouped into related categories. Notice that I have changed the slug of my categories from ‘category’ which is the default value to ‘articles’. There is no limitation as to the number of categories or subcategories you can create but a rule of thumb is not to create more than 3 levels of depth in your hierarchy. Ideal Site Structure for an eCommerce WebsiteOn top of the structure we have the homepage and then the content grouped into several categories. For example, if you have a food blog publishing different kinds of recipes, you can create several categories based on the type of recipes i.e. Italian recipes, vegetarian recipes, Chinese recipes etc.

Mastering Your WordPress Site Structure

Websites were nothing more than digital brochures designed to boost brand awareness in the past. Today, however, SaaS websites are at the heart of all SaaS marketing strategies. Social links, serving as a ‘vote of confidence’, are growing in importance as a signal of quality content. Gaining social votes for specific landing pages on your site will help attract more visitors and also gain your site higher ranking. Directing high powered links from your most linked pages selectively to specific internal pages can help them gain PR. This helps maximize the way ‘link juice’ is spread over your entire website.

With this clearly defined, it is easy to measure the impact every step of your website design has upon it, and intelligently plan the entire process for best results. This 43-page ebook gives small business owners of all skill levels the resources needed to create, connect, and grow a WordPress website. The more time you spend with this book, the more comfortable you’ll be with WordPress as your tool of choice. You already know that the design of your WordPress website is very important. Countless articles tell you that your website must be visually engaging, encouraging visitors to come back regularly. However, to truly increase your audience retention, your website must have a good site structure.

Everything else a visitor may be looking for can be found nestled under the “Products” and “Resources” menus. You’ll also notice, for example, that the “Products” menu also has several sub-menus that lead each customer to the niche product they’re looking for. This makes it very easy for users to find their way around. Make it easy for buyers to find what they’re looking for by using a simple internal linking structure.

Their first impression is that it’s a “messy” site where it is hard to find what they’re searching for. It’s like constructing your tower on a granite base instead of quicksand. What is the purpose towards which your business is moving?

While you may want visitors to navigate your website in a particular sequence, your visitor can arrive through any ‘back door’ and land on any page in your site. A theme- and silo-structured content hierarchy makes it easier for users to find relevant content. There are versions of this system which are touted by hype-driven SEO sharks that work very poorly over the long term. Pages are static areas that are usually used for content that isn’t going to be updated often, like “About Us”, “Contact Us”, or even services.

The design of your WordPress website intrigues visitors, but your content is why they will stay and return. However, if your website is hard to navigate, they will never return, no matter how beautiful your website is designed. For example, if you post a lot of content around crafting but your visitors cannot filter through specific DIY projects, they will not return and you will lose traffic. A good site structure is nowadays more important than ever.

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